Vision Rx Lab Launches Revolutionary Nova Ai Lenses Made With Artificial Intelligence


Vision Rx Lab has successfully harnessed the power of today’s Artificial Intelligence to create Nova Ai – the next generation progressive lenses, which come with a high level of precision and exceptional customization, achieved through its cutting-edge technologies. Vision Rx Lab’s mission is to bring you the best innovations in eyewear solutions.

Nova offers a comfortable optical experience for the most discerning consumer, with custom progressive lenses created for each individual’s distinctive style, powered by the latest cutting-edge optical technology and AI.

“Ocular dynamics” is the term used to describe the visual method used to observe the environment. The link between eye and head movements is how “ocular dynamics” are assessed to understand the distinctive way each person sees. “Ocular dynamics” is used from an early age, but changes over time as our oculomotor system develops and in reaction to environmental stimuli. To ensure an accurate and reliable diagnosis, Nova Ai incorporates the analysis and interpretation of ocular dynamics.

The supporting ecosystem conducts a comprehensive study to collect data on prescription, wearing position and selected frame. The development of progressive lenses depends on the interpretation of the data. The wearer receives unrestricted natural vision that suits her looking style, with a visual solution provided with comprehensive data and the highest possible meticulousness with “Metamorph technology” for a truly individualized visual experience.

High-end custom progressive lenses designed with Nova Ai technology come with outstanding features to delight wearers. The advanced binocular balance system balances and minimizes blur on both sides of the aisle. Maxi View technology offers a large amount of natural vision and tailored fields of vision that are achieved through Ocular Dynamics.

Digital Profile technology allows for a comfortable position when using portable devices. Digi-Contour technology provides a contrast-rich image with a wider field of vision, while Slim-tech is the technology behind its excellent aesthetics and lightness. Multi-aspheric technology and the Aberration Filter System 2.0 reduce aberrations, and its improved near vision with optimized insertion correctly aligns the reading zone.

Nova Ai is the technological gift that the consumer has been waiting for, if he wants highly personalized glasses with the best possible visual quality using the latest technological developments and precise instruments such as the VR headset. It’s a breakthrough in progressive lens technology that people can count on.