Test at home vs. virtual test

David’s guyTest experience at Homeit is truly unique. This is how most of our customers prefer to find their frames. Our Home Try-On process provides each client with access to their own personal optician. Opticians on staff provide expertise that will help ensure a perfect fit for your prescription, face shape, and personal style. While the at-home testing experience is a favorite with most customers, we are frequently asked about the availability of virtual testing.

Why are virtual tests popular?

Many online eyeglass brands offer virtual try-ons. They are popular for their ability to help clients visualize themselves in style. In addition, it allows you to try it without monetary commitment. They are extremely convenient, but they are only useful up to a point.


Why test virtually?

We believe that the main benefit of a virtual test is that it can help with the decision-making process. It allows you to see yourself in a general style or frame color. This is a great way to determine if a frame might be a good match for you and it can be fun to experiment with your own clothes and different outfits. Lastly, it can help narrow down the possible framing options for your Home Try-On.blank

Why should you go for the home trial experience?

While virtual try-ons can give you a general idea of ​​frame style, they are not the same as trying on a pair of frames in real life. The glasses have tiny measurements. These small details are important in understanding how a specific frame will actually look and feel on your face. A virtual try-in cannot capture the fit of the bridge, how tight or loose the frame will feel, or where your eYes sit on the frames. All of these are extremely important items because they affect comfort and eYesight. We strongly encourage customers to try on a variety of frames in person before selecting a final prescription pair.


We believe the Home Try on and Optician experience is the best.

With our try-in-home experience, customers receive six frames to try on at home over six days. You pick three, your optician picks three to increase the odds of finding the right pair. This process allows to know the prescription, the fit of the frame and the choice of the best material for lenses. Plus, you can feel and compare each individual style in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.While we appreciate and encourage the use of virtual trials, we recommend using all available trial experiences to ensure confidence in the final purchase.


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