What you should know about prescription sunglasses


With summer just around the corner, it might be time to start thinking about prescription sunglasses. Many of our customers see prescription sunglasses as an added luxury, and it is, but if you wear glasses all the time, they’re essential. Prescription sunglasses are a worthwhile investment, especially if you spend a significant amount of time outdoors. They give you protection and flexibility, both in terms of your lifestyle and frame options. Below, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about prescription sunglasses.


Q: What are the advantages of prescription sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses give you the best of both worlds. They provide optical clarity outdoors on a sunny day, while protecting your eYes from harmful UV/UB rays. Most sunglasses will have tinted UV/UB protection. If you are more sensitive to glare from sunlight, we recommend polarized lenses. This is an additional filter that adds more benefits to your prescription shades. Prescription sunglasses allow the wearer greater flexibility. For example, when working outdoors, driving, or relaxing on the beach.


Q: What is the difference between prescription sunglasses and transition lenses?

Transition lenses, also known as photochromic lenses, automatically darken when exposed to sunlight and lighten again when indoors. As you may have guessed, transition lenses appeal to many customers, as they allow the wearer to wear a single pair of lenses, adapting to the wearer’s lifestyle. Transitions and Polarized lenses provide protection against UV rays. Ultimately, a more traditional pair of prescription sunglasses will provide more protection, as transitional lenses often do not completely darken in cars (behind the windshield), at certain temperatures, or block against additional sun glare.


Q: What frames work well with prescription sunglasses?

Another benefit of prescription sunglasses is that you have much more flexibility in your frame selection. Because the lens is tinted, the coke bottle effect that can occur with higher prescriptions is not as visible. Plus, there’s the ability to select a style of glasses or use a frame you already have by replacing the lens with a tinted or polarized prescription lens. Still, we always recommend connecting with our opticians to make sure your new frames will fit your prescription.blank

Q: Which David Kind frames are best suited for prescription sunglasses?

Most of our frames can be converted into prescription sunglasses and are already available on our site. Richmond and Kodachi Windsor are popular and timeless styles that can easily transition from summer to fall. You can see all our prescription sunglasses formen hereandwomen here.


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