The benefits of investing in quality glasses


We believe that investing in quality eyewear has many emotional and environmental benefits. We also provide some tips on how to shop for the best quality pair without breaking the bank.

Less waste is better for the environment

By investing in a better quality product, you’ll throw away much less, leading to less waste. As we know, less waste is better for the environment! Fast fashion is very appealing at first, but you’ll probably end up tossing or tossing your glasses in a drawer because they were uncomfortable, the prescription lenses didn’t feel right, or they broke. This is a generalization, but it definitely happens too often. More information about glasses and sustainabilityhere.



Frame Duration

One sign that a company cares about longevity is if they are willing to make repairs or refit lenses with your updated prescription over time. Fast fashion will want you to keep buying more pairs, while higher quality companies will, of course, welcome a new purchase but still care about your original purchase. David Kind offers arenewal programthat will reattach the lenses you already love with your new prescription and realign, adjust and tighten them.


Pay less in the long run

You can spend a little more now, but with the overtime you will pay less. Instead of investing in fast fashion, you’ll buy a pair that will last longer. Lower quality will result in paying less but more often, which is likely the equivalent of paying the same or more than a higher quality pair.


Tips to get the quality pair

Look for discounts or promotions and combine them with your HSA/FsA or out-of-network reimbursement benefits. Many companies will give a 10% discount for new customers. If they don’t advertise it, ask! All this can help lower the price. More information valuable information:How to hack your vision planandOut-of-Network Reimbursement.




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